The National Organization of Engineers and Technicians for Directing Fire Risks DITUR is unprofitable and begins to exist from 24.01.2002. by the decision of the Ministry of Inner Affairs Republic of Serbia.

The first meeting of the General Assembly was held on February 04th 2002. in Belgrade, Kneza Milosa 7a. From that date the Organizaton officialy exists. DITUR was officialy accepted from CFPA- Europe (Confederation of Fire Protection Association), as a member with full rights , with status of Nacional organization, on General Assambly in Helsinki 2002. Automaticly, DITUR become a member of the world Confederation CFPA-I (CFPA-INTERNATIONAL).

The first contacts with CFPA began on the year of 1986. in Pariz. On the year of 1996. on General Assembly CFPA-I in Rome, Yugoslavia was accepted in The Organization as an observer.

DITUR is working on knowledge improvement and understanding the subjects related with Fire science, Fire protection, safety and security , which contains:
Exchange information among members concerning all the questions of fire safety, security and protection of property and life
Cooperation among members in order to take programmes together and to realize the activities defined by the General Assembly
Realizing or defining research projects and studies to improve knowledge in that field
Communication with European organizations with the same and related interests
Improvement of fire security and related fields in Europe and on international level and support exchanging information and views with international organizations.

Members of DITUR are professors and engineers related to fire science, the National Institutes for fire research, the Federal Council for Standardisation , manufactures of equipment, project biros and insurance representatives.
In according to all this, DITUR is the Organization for fire protection, safety and security on national level.