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IMP d.o.o. Belgrade was founded back in June 2, 1984 as one of the first private-owned enterprises/companies as a specialized firm for design, manufac-ture and assembly of the fire fighting systems, based on the use of water, foam, CO2 and environment-friendly agents
In the course of almost twenty years the Company has completed over 500 projects and as many manufactured and assembled fire fighting installa-tions, out of which 230 installations have included new environment-friendly agents - NAF, which replace halon. The above mentioned installations were completed in the following, significant buildings, like:

  • Federal Assembly/Parliament of SFRY
  • (National) Mint
  • Federal Bureau of Statistics
  • Museum of Naive Art
  • Federal Bureau of Standardization
  • VTI (Military-Technical Institute) Zarkovo (Belgrade)
  • Ministry of Interior Affairs
  • VTI (Military-Technical Institute) Kumodraz (Belgrade)
  • Ministry of National Defense
  • Social Accountancy Service of Serbia
  • National/Central Bank of Yugoslavia
  • NIS (Serbian Oil Industry) Naftagas
  • National-Central Bank of Serbia
  • Steelworks Skoplje
  • Agrobanka
  • Steelworks Zenica
  • Beobanka
  • SIP Krasmetal Sezana
  • JIK Banka
  • JAT (Yugoslav Air Transport) Belgrade
  • Jugobanka
  • Mobtel Serbia, etc.

Apart from designing and individual manufacture of fire fighting systems and/or installations, the Company is also engaged in the manufacture of fire ex-tinguishing units (apparatus) using the new NAF P IV environment-friendly a-gent.

Close cooperation relations have been established with a large number of foreign firms, like:

Minimax Preussag, Total Walther, Bettati, LPG, Safety Hi-Tech, Arteco, Eussebi Impianti, etc.
The Company's priorities are advancement, follow-up of the world latest development in this field, investments in development and use of long experience in the execution and maintenance of the building (fire) protection systems. It is for that reason that the Company is capable of successful solution of even the most difficult and complex assignments in this field.

To that end, we are at your fuill disposal, interested in further advance-ment, cooperation and execution of works (contracting). You are free to contact us on:

for IMP d.o.o. BELGRADE

Milorad MILIC, B.Sc.Mech.Eng.
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