Fire risks and insurance in industry
PhD Milovan Vidakovic

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Fire risks and insurance in industry
PhD Milovan Vidakovic, professor at The Advanced Technical Schools in Novi Sad and Beograd, has been researching for more than three decades the field of technical management in fire hazards.
His third manual Fire and insurance in Industry, which is unique in its approach, deals with fire protection requirements in industry on the level of national, Europian and global regulations. The manual has resulted, above all, from the author's active engagement in laboratory testing and his participation in the activities of the leading international organizations such as CFPA (Confederation of Fire Protection Association for Europe and world) and CEA (Confederation of European Insurance).
The manual Fire and Insurance in Industry comparatively in all categories of solid, liquid and gas materials discusses fire hazards with special regard to the requirements of the following:
- Prevention in technological procedure;
- Inspections by state inspection boards;
- Insurance and reinsurance from fire hazard in industry;
- Regulations in fire protection and explosion in Yugoslavia and other countries; and
- Fire extinguishing tactics.
The manual provides a good basis for all planners in industry during operation, in insurance during taking and managing of fire hazards, in inspection boards during fire prevention control and finally in fire departments during fire fighting.
This manual also offers a direct help in drawing up reports on fire protection on insurance and hazard export to foreign countries.

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