Thermodynamics of Uncontrolled Combustion
PhD Milovan Vidakovic

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Thermodynamics of Uncontrolled Combustion
The work on fire hazard in the world developed in several directions, with theb same objective: To protect the people and buildings from fire.” Thermodynamics of Uncontrolled Combustion” repreesents an introduction to fire hazard.
Since a building fire is an unrepeatable process, with numerous interlinked factors, the book proposes the software which binds most of the fire development factors, subject to the architectural design of the building, into a functional dependence of temperature rise in time.
Such a mathematical model, which has been tested on actual fires makes the preventive action prior to the construction of the building possible, as well as envisaging of the possibilities of repressive action when the building is in use. This calculation is intended to be used by all professionals dealing with fire hazard, above all the students of universities and associate technical schools, fireman and insurance engineers.

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